Sueño love

I’m excited to share baby’s new Sueño blanket today! It’s one of my favorite things I have for the new baby. After getting one for Savy last year, I knew I would need another for baby boy! And my longtime friend Natalia (owner of Sueño shop) was so sweet about trying to help me find a blanket with colors to match the nursery theme- beachy. I knew I wanted one with a lot of blue & white, so she came up with the idea of offering a limited Sueño with those colors! It’s so beautiful, you guys. These photos don’t even do it justice! Not only that, but she’s even set up a coupon code to offer 10% off your purchase! So take full advantage and spoil your little with one of these amazing & super soft blankets with code SUENOSAVY10 it’ll be your child’s new favorite blanket! shop them HERE

Ps how amazing is this Moses basket from Plum & Sparrow? I think my Sueño blanket + Plum & Sparrow basket are a match made in heaven! I can’t wait to get my little guy in there. I mean, how dreamy is my side of the bed with this little set up I have with the basket & blanket? I found this rocker stand on for under $50 and am so in love with how this space turned out. If the baby is asleep in the basket, I can just pick it up out of the stand and bring him to any room with me. Check out both shops on IG @sueno_shop & @plumandsparrow!


Blanket, basket, stand, moccs



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