She and Wolf

Today I’m sharing a great maternity shop that sells new and upcycled jeans & pants! It’s hard to find clothes while your pregnant that don’t scream “I’m a maternity piece!” but everything on their site I would wear after pregnancy. The pieces I found I definitely will, because they fit so well and look so great how could I only wear them for a few months? Some pieces are one of a kinda but if you search by size you’ll find some that you’ll love for yourself. I picked these William Rast flares and the grey cargos I wore a few post back and they both fit and look so dreamy. Not to mention the prices!!! Which is my fav part. So reasonable. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wasted money buying expensive designer maternity jeans that I never really got mich use out of. So check out what She and Wolf have, and treat yourself to some fashionably comfortable maternity jeans! 

Jeans, tank, purse, ring, bracelet, Sunnies


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