Ready for that sweater weather

posting this as I sit in my air conditioning at 9am with 80 degree weather outside. It’s been rough lately with this heat! Two Summers in a row I’m preggo in the hot stickiness. It hasn’t been very fun and let’s just say neither has been paying our electricity bill! Haha. But I figured since it’s officially fall and not everyone out there is suffering this heat like we are in Cali, I’d post a fun fall look with one of my favorite knit sweaters and these amazing maternity cargos I got through sheandwolf! Unfortunately I scored this sweater during Nasty Gal’s end of winter sale so it’s not longer available, but I’ve linked up another similar one below. 

Ok- this new maternity jeans shop I’ve discovered. If your prego you must run over to their site and check it all out! The cutest upcycled & converted maternity jeans & bottoms at such great prices. I snagged myself a few different pairs because when you find such a deal you know you’ll be wearing over and over- you just gotta pull the trigger. You’ll be seeing them a lot around here! These are the James Jeans maternity cargos and they fit like a dream! Plus this color will go with so much. I’m so in love. 

Also, I’m still rocking my Stella McCartney Falabella bag from Trendlee! This purse is just way too good. Make sure you use code ASAVYLIFE on their site for a special discount on top of their already great prices! 

Maternity cargos, bag, boots, sweater (sold out but similar here, here, and here), necklace 


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