We’re having another baby! 

A little more than a month ago we found out that we’re expecting again. We had no clue! After trying to have a baby for years and finally getting our Savy girl, you can imagine our surprise to find we are expecting when we weren’t even trying. In fact, since I had been breastfeeding her I hadn’t had a cycle yet, thus the surprise! A slight tmi but it explains the not knowing part. Haha! Plus I haven’t had any morning sickness, knock on wood. 

I always wanted four (I’m kinda crazy about things being even) and we are SO excited. I was so far along when we found out that we were also able to learn that it’s a boy! So we’ll have two girls and two boys, which also works out for my even numbers thing. It’s a typical libra I’ve read 😉 

So come early January (possibly late Dec?) our family will be gaining it’s last member. Now we just need a name…



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