Monthly Archives: July 2015

Beach in Tysa

Like that title? Creative, I know. My posts here have been so far and few in between. I honestly don’t know how these blogger moms do it! But I’m trying to be better. 

I’ve been taking the kids to the beach a lot this Summer, these seasons come and go and I don’t even think we came to the beach once last year! Given I was huge and pregs and all that work sounded like the last thing I wanted to do, but we have so much fun just hanging out there in the sun with our friends. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer as much as we are! Correction- as much as we do when we’re at the beach. When we’re not, the kids fight NON STOP and I can’t wait until school starts. Real talk. 

ps how amazzzing is this dress from Tysa? No, I’m not going to be all “this is my favorite dress eva!” each time I post here. I really dislike when bloggers do that, it’s like…I think last week’s was your fav? Just so fake to me. But this piece is truly truly on top of my list! And I wish I got a pic of the back. I will and I’ll post it on my IG next week just so you can see. Because it’s THAT good! @b_savy or check or @tysadesigns!  


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