Ava & Co






 I’ve been meaning to get this post up but it’s been so crazy around here since we moved 2 weeks ago to our first home! It seems like it’s always something, everyday! From pest control (you should’ve seen the size of the scorpion we found in Gavin’s room!), to trying to get internet up here (fast wifi in the country is near impossible), to our new couch being on back order with a 4 week delay, the tree trimmers cutting almost all our palm prongs off, our new fridge not fitting through be door…I could go on and on!! Haha. Everyday has been an adventure! So I’m finally getting these pictures up now that the wifi is going! Woohoo!! Netflix here I come! 

Kalei contacted me to do this mama + baby feature for the blog, and if you know me you know twinning is my jam. How gorgeous are these pieces from her online boutique? The back of this dress though! And Savy’s adorable outfit was handmade by another mama out of Washington. It’s just too darling. 

She’s been generous enough to provide a code for followers to receive 20% off her shop with coupon code SAVY at checkout. Take advantage at http://www.avaandco.com 


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