Monthly Archives: September 2014

Savy Belle

It’s been two weeks since Savy was born and I know it sounds cliche but I already can’t imagine life without her & as a family of 5. I’m soaking up every moment with her. After trying for a baby for years & my last “baby” being 6, I feel like a first time mom all over again. And knowing how fast this newborn stage went by with my first two, I’m spending my days holding her, sleeping with her, taking a million photos, & definitely getting my money’s worth out of my baby wrap. I just don’t want to put her down!
The day she came was oddly just like Gavin’s birth. Contractions started around midnight and kept me awake all night. I kept record of how often & long they came & by early morning when they were 3-5 minutes apart & 1-2 minutes long, I figured it was time to go. I’m always worried I’ll be “that” chick at the hospital who’s not even really in labor & gets sent home because she thinks her Braxton Hicks are unbearable. But I also don’t want to give birth at home!
Just like with Gavin, the walk into the hospital or the nerves from anticipation of what the outcome of our trip there would be stopped the contractions. They didn’t want to admit me because I wasn’t in active labor at that point, but I knew if we went home we wouldn’t make it back. Which is exactly how it went down before. So they had me walk around the hospital in hopes they would come back…nothing. After seeing us walk by 30x the security guard jokingly told me to walk up and down their stairs & that’s exactly what I did! Up & down from the 1st to 3rd floor & back for about an hour & voila- terrible, unbearable, looong & strong contractions! They couldn’t get me admitted quick enough! And (thank god) not long after I got my epidural. Good thing because not long after that, little Savy was born in just 4 pushes. I even got to pull her out! “Just like Kourtney Kardashian!” my doc said. Haha! And I must say, it was worth the wait for our “IT’S A GIRL!” surprise after 10 long months! She weighed 7lbs 13ou & 19in long. Poor thing came so fast her little face was bruised & swollen. But healthy & perfect in every way, which we are so thankful for! She completes our family & we all just love her so much!

Walking around the hospital!

That first moment- totally speechless & couldn’t believe she was a GIRL!