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Black in August

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but here in San Diego it’s been hell for a pregnant chick…especially one who lives in the humid country part of the county.
But being 9 months preggo and literally busting out of all my clothes, I find myself wearing mainly dresses or maternity shorts (the same pair on repeat bc I grew out of my other pairs) and black tanks. At this point, the difference of color top I wear determines how many “What are you having?” and “When are you due?” questions I get everytime I leave the house. Seriously.
So when I put this adorable romper from Love Threads on, oh I was in heaven. It’s so comfy! I love anything that gives me room to breath. And the black just helps me not look so much like the sausage I feel. Combined with the detailed trim, it’s really the perfect piece to wear ANYWHERE. And I love that.




Jumper: Love Threads
Necklace: Bleached Tea
Sandals: Target


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We’re on The Hunt to find this years top lipsticks & Beauty Glam Now has asked some of their favorite bloggers for their favorite lipsticks.

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All that being said we are giving away a YEAR supply of all these fantastic lipsticks to a lucky winner – scroll down & enter! It’s easy!! Also be sure to check out all of these amazing ladies we have teamed up with ! XOXO

Processed with MoldivStuds And sapphire


Mint & ArrowLa La Mer


KatelynA savy Life





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