Desert Stroll

I love living in the country! Yesterday’s post was down a dirt road, today’s is more of a desert vibe with cactus, tomorrow’s is floral. Is so gorgeous out here! This heat hasn’t been very fun though…the kids and I have just been trying to stay cool at the pool everyday. ((Side note)) if you haven’t tried Maui Babe browning lotion and your like me- pastey white year round, you must! I got it a few summers ago in Kauai and this is my color after just a handful of times laying out! It’s the best! Now I’m not so embarrassed to sport shorts and dresses this season.
I hope you’re all staying cool & enjoying Summer so far! Besides being huge and not having one icy cold cocktail- it’s been ok for me šŸ˜‰






Top/dress: Love Threads
Boots: F21
Purse: UO
Necklace: Pueblo Street Jewelry Co.
Bracelets: Pineapple Bling
Ring: Native Hearts


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