Down A Dirt Road

Well, it’s Monday again… yay. I’m trying to get all my pre-baby posts done in the next month so I can take a little time off and prepare. I’ve tried being more organized and styling/shooting outfits in clusters so I have enough to last me, which means most of these were done quite a while ago & scheduled for the following weeks. You don’t actually think I’m able to put my face on and take pictures of myself every other day, right? Lol šŸ˜‰
Juggling the blog & Etsy right now has been a little tough! I’m trying so hard to get caught up everywhere so I’m not worrying about it when I’m taking time off after the baby comes. Which is coming up pretty quick, today I’m 32 weeks (8months)! Yikes! I don’t know why but I’ve had the feeling this baby will be coming early. I’m so uncomfortable and can’t really imagine going another 8 weeks! But hopefully I make it the full 40 weeks…okay, 39 weeks 6 days? Lol.






Shorts: The Minted Exchange
Top: f21
Lace bandeau: Royalie
Sandals: Matisse
Necklace: Pueblo Street Jewelry Co.
Bracelets: Juneau Luxe


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