Tart in the Park

Happy Monday! It’s the last Monday I’ll be up early getting the groms ready for school before they’re out for Summer & I’m pretty happy to be getting a little extra sleep starting next week! Although I’m sure pretty soon I’ll be begging for those early mornings back if it means the kids aren’t at each other’s throat every moment of every day, which is usually how it goes when we’re home. They’re at those fun ages where they just can’t ever get along. And I don’t see myself doing much this Summer being in my third trimester & all, so we’ll see how it goes!
I DO know that I’ll be feeling comfortable & looking cute in maxis, what I live in now! And this dress from Tart is one of the best! So soft & great fitting, I think I need it in more colors! I paired it with my new tassel bag from Moon and Wanderlust which I can’t get enough of, Pueblo Street Jewelry necklace which you can score for 20% off with code SAVYPUEBLO, and bracelets by Mint by Noel! Hope you like the look!






Dress: Tart
Purse: Moon and Wanderlust
Necklace: Pueblo Street Jewelry Co
Bracelets: Mint by Noel


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