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Our Christmas Present

I’ve been wanting to tell the story about how we found out we’re pregnant ever since it happened! I swear, when I started this blog I thought it would be fun fashion & good writing to go along with it. But I never seem to have more than 10 minutes to sit & write anything decent. I’m lucky if it’s all spelled correct! The story just makes me smile when I think about it & I thought I would share it..
(I didn’t really want to ‘get into it’ all but I kinda have to so you know just how excited & surprised we were!)
So…about three years ago when Gavin turned 3 we decided to try for another child. I didn’t want to miss any baby milestones with him & definitely wasn’t up to the task of having kids close in age (I’ve heard the stories)! Being 25 I NEVER thought it would be a task to do so. We were lucky at first & pregnant that very next month! But sometimes things don’t work out how you planned & I’ll just say we had a few pregnancy misfortunes in the past few years (this was meant to be a happy story not sad!!) After trying for so long it was beginning to consume & frustrate me. Tracking ovulation with dates & thermometers, buying insane amounts of pregnancy tests at every trip to the store. Finally I decided to switch from pregnancy to ovulation test, as I had heard from a few girlfriends that girls they knew who were also trying used them & discovered their cycles were crazy off & this is why they had difficulties as well. This was my last trip to the store before Xmas so it was crowded & everything was kinda messy and picked through. And wuddya know, all the ovulation tests are gone. Frustrated by that, thinking here goes another month, more $ wasted on tests, I just grabbed the next box I saw. I went home & threw it in the medicine cabinet..Fast forward a few days later to Christmas morning…I got up before everyone else & went into the bathroom. Mike had left the medicine cabinet door open the night before & I saw the test when I walked in. I thought for a I’m not late yet..and I knew a test being positive on THAT day of any other was a long shot, but how cool would it be!? So I grabbed it, took it, then put the lid on & shoved it into my pocket & quickly went downstairs. Santa had brought Rylee a new flat screen for Xmas & I wanted to be sure it was on and playing her new favorite Hunger Games movie (it’s all about the presentation lol) before everyone came downstairs. I made sure everything was perfect then checked the test in my pocket before heading up. Not only did it say the word YES+ but I realized in the mess at the store I had bought a pack of those pricey test that actually spell it out for you! Which was perfect because who wants to surprise their spouse with such news with an ify test!? I seriously couldn’t believe it. I put the test in Mike’s stocking & headed upstairs in shock. Went straight back to the bathroom to check the box of tests I had purchased. It was a mix of ph & digital test- instructing to take the ph first & if any sign of pregnancy with that, to then take the digital. I took one of the ph tests just to be sure & that TOO was positive! So I was really kinda in shock that not only was I for sure pregnant but that we were getting the best Christmas present we could ever ask for! I tried my best to focus on the kids opening all their gifts after that. Of course, stockings for mom & dad usually come last, my husband always opening his after everyone else has. I swear he thought that think was a toothbrush when he pulled it out. He looked at it confused but only for a second..cuz remember, it does spell it out for you. He was shocked too.
“Are you serious? Is this for real??” And then I handed him the second test. Lol.
But even after that, it’s been hard getting excited over another pregnancy after a few failed ones, one being in the second trimester. At first it was ‘let’s just get through the first appointment’ (9wks) then ‘please Lord, let there still be a heartbeat’ (at14wks), and even after that I still wasn’t fully able to let myself emotionally accept it. But a few weeks before my 20wk apt I started feeling the baby move & that’s when I knew everything would be ok. And here we are, slowly creeping into the 6th month and the baby kicking me as I write this.
This time we decided to do things differently & not find out the gender! It’s made things even more exciting!! I’ve slowly been shopping here & there, only getting what I can’t live without, and so far here are a few of my favorite gender neutral items!

I knew I didn’t want to do any of the typical green & yellow for the nursery or layette, so naturally I gravitated towards neutral colors that also happen to be my own favorites: black & white, minty teal, mustard & grey. With a love for all thing tribal/aztec/geometric I decided to mix a lot of that in there as well.

I wanted to begin shopping for the nursery after I figured out what I was doing with the crib & bedding. Nothing looked good to me until I stumbled upon Wren & Rumor’s shop. I instantly fell in love with the tribal print & had to have it! The blanket is soft, thick & the perfect size for the crib. Not only that but every piece in her shop is GOREGOUS & almost all gender neutral! I keep finding myself browsing her shop for anything else I might latest purchase being the offsetting tribal print swaddle blanket & bird blanket. I don’t doubt that’ll be my last purchase from there!

After the tribal blanket I found these Pendleton moccs from Bedtime Rebel! I’ve never seen moccs like this & with a tribal/Native American theme going on they were the absolute perfect addition. Along with these Ezra & Eli leggings! I’ve had a thing for black & white stripes for years. I’ve already accumulated quite a few baby items with the print..chevron is just kinda played out now but THESE leggings are the best!!! They’re different, they fit my theme & they’ll be so cute on either boy or girl! And last but definitely not least is the For Like Ever onesie from Indie Nook. It’s a print I’ve always loved, I actually have it framed & hanging above my nightstand. So when I saw it, I knew it had to be mine! Annnd then I saw the adult version too. This poor baby & I are already twinning and I love it!
Blanket: Wren and Rumor
Moccs: Bedtime Rebel
Leggings: Ezra and Eli
Onesie: Indie Nook




Just a fun post down by the train tracks! Seriously loving these lace bells by Ryan & Reese. I’m all about bell bottoms right now, so comfy & cute. And these are the best!! She has a few different styles, run over to the shop & check them out!
How perfect are they with my new Route 66 tank by License to Boot? Yes, I know Route 66 is a highway not a train station. Lol Its so soft & fits amazing. Hope you like!






Lace bells: Ryan and Reese
License to Boot
Sunnies: Fresh Picks
Bag: Nena & co
Bracelets: St. Eve
Necklace: Raptor
Bolo tie: vintage

Jean Dream

This jean dress really is a dream AND it’s a brand spankin’ new arrival at The Minted Exchange! I’m so excited for all the new goods coming in, as if the launch wasn’t fab enough! This jean dress is such a perfect addition to the closet. When I styled it I literally had 5 different looks going. It’s cute with leggings as more of a long top, with shorts, as a dress paired with sandals…every way I loved! For today’s feature I settled on wearing it as a dress because I also wanted to show off my new boots! Love these babies- on sale for $10 at Target last week!! I finished it off with a statement necklace & my Nena & Co daybag. The perfect summer night ensemble. I hope you guys love! And stay tuned for more coming from TME! ((To get the latest on new items, sales & promos, follow @themintedexchange on insta))








Dress: The Minted Exchange
Bag: Nena & Co
Boots: Target
Necklace: Raptor
Bracelets: St. Eve
Arrowhead ring: Paint The Town Me

Nature Girl

Happy Monday guys! Today is a little rough over here, it’s the first day back to school for the babes after Spring Break, but poor Gavin has been up all night throwing up šŸ˜¦ So I get to play nurse today! Which is totally ok with me when it involves lots of love & cuddles. Poor guy. Rylee on the other hand is excited to get back to her friends and show off her new haircut (& maybe a few highlights) and outfit. She’s so funny- 9 going on 19!
Today’s outfit post features this beautiful fringe blouse from Mod Owl! I just love it! She always has such cute stuff, and it’s no surprise I’m loving the floral & fringe!
I paired it with some jean shorts (which I’ll be retiring to the drawer of clothes than no longer fit lol) and cowgirl booties.
Loving all my accessories today! This fold over clutch by Fresh Picks is so fun! I especially love the tassel. With my turquoise Bent Jewelry necklace, arrow head ring by Paint the Town Me & Mama bracelet by Cage & Lantern.
I hope you’re all having a great start to your week!













Top: Mod Owl
Clutch: Fresh Picks
Necklace: Bent Jewelry
Ring: Paint the Town Me
Bracelet: Cage and Lantern

Beach Bum

I went down to the beach last week for some fish tacos with my girlfriend Jessica. Cuz when I get a craving, I gotta have it! Haha. Such a fun little afternoon with the dog & walking on the beach before we had to pick up the littles from school! Can’t wait for more trips once their out on break.
I’m loving this entire ensemble with some new goodies I just got & am totally in love with! First is this floral kimono from LoloElle Boutique! Because who doesn’t love a good kimono, but floral? Can’t pass it up.
Second is my new Bent Jewelry. Have not taken it off since it came in the mail & I’m not just saying that! This Harlow necklace has been catching my eye on their Instagram for a while now & I love it so much! Perfect piece. Lastly are these Matisse Isla sandals. Ok hiii cutest sandals on earth! These babies make me that much more excited about Summer. They go great with anything!
What are some of your Spring/Summer must haves?











Kimono: LoloElle Boutique
Necklace: Bent Jewelry
Sandals: Matisse
Bag: Cleobella

The Minted Exchange

Hey guys! I am so excited to show off this new dress called The Savy from my girlfriend Alesha’s new online boutique The Minted Exchange! She’s been working so hard on her new shop & it launched TODAY with a few fab looks by Alyssa from sincerely truly scrumptious & I exclusively from the Minted with a code “Blogger15” for 15% off our featured items The Savy dress & The Alyssa floral bells!
Be sure to follow @themintedexchange on Instagram for more info, looks, upcoming events, sales & more!
Also, if you’re in the San Diego area come by the launch party this Sat the 12 @ 6pm, email Alesha@TheMintedExchange for the address.
Happy Wednesday!







Dress: The Minted Exchange
Ring: Paint the Town Me

Seeing Red

Red is my jam right now! I’ve been on the hunt for a great piece for my closet & I’ve found it with this Tysa “Perle” jumpsuit! And how about the back!? Such a gorgeous piece. This jumpsuit & the “O’Keefe” pants I wore on the blog last week are seriously my 2 fav new closet additions for the summer. So pretty yet practical & comfortable!








Jumpsuit: Tysa Designs
Bag: Chila
Necklaces: Raptor