Little Black Dress…with fringe!

What I know I’ll be living in this Summer are dresses. Not because I’m pregnant (although they’re pretty much the comfiest) but because they’re so easy to throw on & not have to worry about coordinating multiple pieces, they’re cool (as in the temperature lol), and their casual yet dressy. Yep, it’s my thing.
Honestly, my biggest worry of the day is what to wear & that’s mainly because I work all day from home & go to the kid’s school twice a day. With all the other stay at home moms…who don’t show up in high heels & leather jackets. I love fashion & I love shopping (who doesn’t?) but why buy it when you feel uncomfortable wearing it? Or in my case, don’t really have anywhere to wear it to? That’s why I love mixing casual & dressy so much. It’s practical! And of course you get the occasional date night or get togethers where you can have fun getting a bit more dressed up, but for the most part it’s all about being comfy but still being somewhat cute. Am I right?
Anywhooo, every time I hit the store (and by that I mean browse my F21 & H&M apps) I find myself adding dresses (mostly) maxis to my cart. I love that you can wear them over your bikini at the beach then out to dinner paired with a jean or leather jacket! This particular one I found on the F21 app. It’s so perfect for me! Simple, stretchy, black & has FRINGE!
In today’s post I paired it with my boots (I live in the country ya’ll) and three of my latest favorite accessories! First is the hat. Like I said in my last post, I love to dress em up & Melanie Kirk has the best hats with these gorgeous beaded bands! Gotta check em out! And my new Chila wayuu bag! I’ve been dreaming of it for sooo long! Is it not the best for Summer? Topped off the look with this incredible agate slice necklace by Vagabond Queen. Her pieces are out of this world!! Topped off with my best accessory yet THE BUMP!











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