Gav Man

I can’t believe my baby turns 6 this month! Time slow down!!!
We went to the train & tractor museum for a few birthday invite pix. He’s so excited to have his party here & invite all his buddies from school! It’s the perfect place. Tons of antique tractors & a real train the kids can go on & take rides around the playground! I wish we knew about this place sooner!
He says he wants a dirt bike for his birthday but I’m not sure I’m ready for that! His quad will have to do for a few more years. He wants to be just like daddy in that way!
He’s so funny too, the other day I was listening to his conversation with his sister after we drove past the neighbors (who we gave a puppy to). Telling her “You know, they have one of Lola’s puppies that she cracked from an egg!”
It’s moments like that I don’t want to end!





Shirt: Tiny Whales
Jacket: H&M


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