Country Fem + lash ext review

Today’s post is a little country fem outfit shot in the middle of my photoshoot with Tess Made florals. Tess made all the amazing fresh flower pieces for the day, so my head was a little busy. But in between I had to get a few pix with one of my new tie in back Fabric Wraps headbands! This one in particular was so perfect with the outfit.
I’m definitely a hat & headband kinda girl! I’m always rushing out the door & trying to cover my dirty messy mop. I am SO in love with these headbands not only because of the gorgeous prints, but the tie in back option!!! There have been so many times I go to put a headband on over my head & it ruins my cute hairdo. These babies are definitely my new favorite!
*Okay* my eye lash extension review. I’ve been dying to get this done for years! I have the weakest lashes. They’re blonde, thin…basically non existent. I’ve tried Latisse, it did help a bit(slight difference after 2mon of applying) but I was still keeping up with my lash primer, curl, mascara, curl, mascara routine. Now that I have these lashes I’ve been able to say bu-bye to that tedious routine! And I am ALL about shaving down the whole getting ready routine. I love my dry shampoo, I even dye my eyebrows so I don’t have to spend 10min drawing them on everyday. To me it’s all a waste of time because at the end of the day you’re just going to wipe it all off!
The entire process is pretty easy too! All you have to do is lay there with your eyes close for a few hours while the lashes are attached individually. The better you treat them, the longer they’ll last! I’m on week two now & they’re still looking great! I already can’t imagine not having them!
If you’re local & live in the San Diego area, I recommend going to the new Valley Salon here in Valley Center. Katie is the best!





Headband: Fabric Wraps
Skirt: Fringe By Dali


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